iPhone emergency kit
Waterproof carry bag
Microfiber cloth
Cleaning wipes
Black stick spudger
Anti-static brush
SIM card tray ejector tool
iPhone water emergency kit for water damaged iPhones

iPhone Emergency Kit for Water Damage - Waterproof Bag, Absorbent Pouches & 4 Tools for All iPhones

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  • Waterproof carry bag with neck strap reminds you of the existential leash that ties us all to our devices
  • Industrial-strength desiccants put rice to shame in contests of sheer water-absorbing power 
  • Remove the SIM tray with the included SIM card ejector tool and let desiccants work to remove water from the inside of your iPhone
  • Microfiber cloth removes all those icky fingerprints from your iPhone screen
  • LCD screen wipes remove all the ickier, gunkier substances from your iPhone
  • Unlike a paper clip, our anti-static brush won't fry your iPhone when you try to remove debris
  • One black stick anti-static spudger perfect for removing stubborn debris or poking siblings
  • Includes free shipping upgrade and will deliver in 3 business days. Ignore regular delivery date at checkout.

Great at home and away

The iPhone Emergency Kit isn’t just for wet iPhones. The waterproof carry bag is perfect for taking to the beach, and we also include special cleaning tools that will help keep your iPhone in tip-top shape!

Works great if you're...

  • Planning on dropping your iPhone in the toilet
  • Spending a day at the beach
  • Taking it easy by the pool
  • Rinsing your iPhone with the vegetables
  • Heading to an outdoor concert or sporting event with rain in the forecast
  • Going on a hike or doing anything resembling outdoor activity

Just dropped your iPhone in the toilet? Don’t worry! Although we can’t guarantee it will come back to life, this kit is designed to help dry out your iPhone if it’s already wet — and the industrial-quality desiccants we've selected work a lot better than rice!

A super important tip for water-damaged iPhones

Never use rice to try to dry out your iPhone! First, It doesn't work, but more importantly, it can cause permanent damage to your iPhone. As a former Apple tech, I can't tell you how many times I've seen iPhones that would have come back to life if it weren't for the piece of rice impacted in the charger port. You'd be astonished how difficult it is to get out of the iPhone charging port or headphone jack. 

What's included

  • 1 waterproof iPhone carry bag with neck strap
  • 2 silica gel desiccant packets that are proven to absorb water better than rice
  • 1 SIM card ejector tool
  • 1 microfiber cloth for polishing your iPhone’s display
  • 3 LCD screen wipes designed to clean gunk off your iPhone screen without damaging oleophobic coating
  • 1 anti-static brush used to clean gunk out of your iPhone and other devices without damaging the,
  • 1 black stick spudger used for removing stubborn debris from inside your iPhone ports 

An important note

We can't guarantee this kit will be able to bring a water-damaged iPhone back to life, and we're not responsible for what happens to your iPhone. That said, don't believe anyone who makes a guarantee like that. Just like real emergencies, all you can do is be prepared to give yourself the best possible chance of success. 

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