Lightning Cables For iPhone, iPad, and iPod

Lightning cables come in lots of different colors and sizes — but it's what's inside that makes the difference between a cable that will stand the test of time and a cable that will break inside of a week.

We've done our research and made a decision: We are only going to sell top-quality, MFi-certified lightning cables that exceed Apple's standards. 

What makes a good lightning cable? 

  • MFi-Certification means that Apple technology is built directly into the cable itself. Have you ever seen a "This accessory is not supported by iPhone" warning after you purchased a gas station lightning cable, you'll know why it's important.
  • Top-quality materials and construction to endure bending near the end of the cable
  • The right length for the situation so you can use your iPhone comfortably in bed, in the car, or on the go