Wireless Bluetooth Receiver For Your Car, Speakers, Or Headphones

Wireless Bluetooth iPhone Receiver For Your Car or Home Speaker System

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  • Listen to music and make phone calls wirelessly though your car speakers or home stereo system
  • Your car or speaker system only needs to have a standard aux audio jack (standard headphone jack size) 
  • Reduce wear and tear on your iPhone, car, and speaker system: No more plugging and unplugging your iPhone wherever you go 
  • Make your life easier and never worry about losing your aux cables again
  • Uses Bluetooth 4.0 for optimal connection and sound quality
  • Save $25,000 by not having to buy a new car just for the Bluetooth connectivity :-)

If you've been dreaming of using Bluetooth to listen to music in your car, get ready: We're about to save you a lot of money.

Instead of paying $25,000 for that new car with built-in Bluetooth, you can plug this wireless receiver into your car's auxiliary port and poof! Your car has Bluetooth capabilities.

Those days of listening to bad AM radio and white noise on your daily commute are over. And you've saved almost $25,000 on a new car.

How it works

This Bluetooth receiver eliminates the need to plug your iPhone directly into your car or home speaker system. 

Instead of plugging in your iPhone, you'll plug this receiver into your car or home speaker system — it's a one-time, simple setup process.

Whenever your iPhone comes within range of the receiver (about 30 feet), you can play music or make phone calls wirelessly through the speakers in your car or at home, just like if your car had Bluetooth built in.

Will this iPhone Bluetooth audio receiver work in my car or home speaker system?

If your car or home speaker system has an Aux jack (an auxiliary headphone-jack-size audio input for iPhones and other devices), this Bluetooth receiver will work for you.

Here's what comes in the box: 

  • 1 3.5mm male to male audio cord (standard headphone jack size on each end)
  • 1 mini USB cable
  • The Bluetooth receiver
  • Instruction manual

What do I need to provide?

You'll need to provide the USB power adapter: You can use any USB wall or car charger, as long as it has a standard USB port. The input will look something like this: 

USB power adapter input

There's only one kind of standard USB power adapter, and you may already have a bunch laying around at home. Car chargers with USB ports work too!

What If I don't have an extra power adapter?

If you don't have an extra USB power adapter laying around, no problem! Check out our favorite USB wall charger or USB car charger, both available in the Payette Forward Shop.

Simple one-time setup

  1. Use the included 3.5mm (headphone jack size) audio cable to connect the Bluetooth receiver to the aux jack in your car or home speaker system. 
  2. Connect the included mini-USB charger cable to a power source (cigarette lighter adapter or USB power adapter at home not included)
  3. Put the receiver into pairing mode (takes about 10 seconds, instructions included)
  4. Go to Settings -> Bluetooth on your iPhone and pair your iPhone to the Bluetooth receiver
  5. You're all set!

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